Beauty Tips And Skin Types
The human skin consists of numerous layers, which has several functions. The skin is the largest organ of the human body. It repairs itself every 28 - 30 days. A proper skin care regime is very essential.

1) Do not get carried away with flashy labels, its better to understand your skin type before trying products

2) Before you try any skin products make sure your not allergic to any ingredients used

3) Drink lots of water to help get rid of toxins in the body

4) Cleansing and toning is very important and should be done on a regular basis, often dirt and grime tends to accumulate due to the harsh environmental factors on the skin making it look dull and lifeless over a course of time. Dirt and sweat also cause acne and blackheads which makes the skin look unattractive.

5) Excessive smoking and drinking can be very harmful to the skin so quit smoking and cut down on the drinking

6) Physical exercise is vital to having great skin to do your best to include it in your daily routine.

7) Too much stress is bad for the skin so make sure you get adequate rest, Learn to relax Practice meditation or yoga.

8) Each beauty therapy has its own specific benefits so make sure before a treatment commences you discuss with your therapist what you want to achieve, this will give the therapist the opportunity to choose the right treatments that will best suit your requirements.

9) Maintain a strict routine of personal hygiene. Eat lots of fresh fruits, salads, toned milk and green, leafy vegetables. Avoid oily and fried foods.

10) Treat your skin to full facials to rejuvenate it, the facial must include a massage to improve blood circulation and promote the growth of new cells

Benefits of treatments

More times most clients say that experiencing any kind of beauty therapy treatment is calming and enjoyable that leaves you looking healthier feeling relaxed was well as energised and optimistic

Skin Types

So the confusion remains which skin type you possess. You will find that your skin type is different from your friend's skin type. You may think why such classification happens and how you will understand what skin type is yours. All your queries will be finished when you realize the basic and easy differences among all these skin types

Dry skin type: If you always feel dryness in your skin you may have dry skin type. In such condition you will feel tight and harsh skin. This is because your skin may face the polluted atmosphere and has insufficient water which makes it so harsh and tight. In such skin type you may find blackheads and little pores on your face. You are not getting the natural oil in your skin and it is not nourished with an adequate quantity of moisture. In such skin type wrinkles appear so easily and there is less chance to get acne. The reason that dry skin people are less at risk of having acne is that in such skin type sebum secretes in less amount. The oil gland is basically passive. That is why with such skin type you may feel itchy, dry sensation.

Oily skin type: Oily skin types face acne more than the rest of the others. This is due to the reason that oily skin type people have an active oil gland. This produces excessive oil in face. Hence it gradually blocks the pore which brings acne, pimples, and blackheads. If you have an oily skin type you may get oil on your face mostly when you get up from bed in the morning. In such case your T-zone of face experiences oily sensation much and thus this area largely gets acne and pimples.

Sensitive skin type: If you feel allergies, rashes so frequently and easily, then you may have a chance to get a sensitive skin type. Whenever such skin types get in touch of outer environment, they catch infections. These people also suffer from problems while using cosmetics products

Combination skin type: This skin type is so interesting. You may feel oily on your forehead, nose and chin (T-zone area) and dryness on eye and cheek sides. Many people have such skin type.

Normal skin type: This is a good smooth skin type where small pores are there and acne or pimples will arise very infrequently